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Year Four

What is my child learning this term?

Summer term 2017

Topic title: The Caribbean

This term, we will be learning about the Caribbean. The children will be looking at the key geographical characteristics of the nations and islands of the Caribbean as well as exploring the people of this fascinating region.

In English, we will be studying the book ‘Gregory Cool’. Linking to our work to the caribbean, the children will be writing creative stories about what might happen if they moved to the Caribbean. After this we will be looking at a range of poetry and examining the different features of poem writing.

In the second half of the term, we will be studying biographies. The children will learn the skills necessary to write a biography including third and first person as well as writing for different audiences.

In the final few weeks of term we will be asking ourselves some questions: Who is Harris Burdick? Where did he disappear to? And how was he going to finish his stories?

The children will be studying this fabulous book that contains a series of loosely related drawings each accompanied by a title and a caption which the reader may use to make up their own story.

Over this year, the children have loved using the library and we will continue to provide opportunities for the children to visit – remember that it is also open after school on some days! We will continue our focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar, looking at more complex punctuation, writing in a variety of tenses and voices and using a larger range of conjunctions.

This term we will be using a brand new maths scheme called “Maths – No Problem!” The scheme itself is based on maths from Singapore (a country that regularly comes top in worldwide maths standards. The nature of the scheme is to allow children to further embed their knowledge of number, geometry and statistics as well as giving them the opportunity to master each of these areas. It’s going to be an exciting term for all our young mathematicians!

The children in year 4 will be focusing on the following areas:

• Decimals- writing tenth and hundredths, ordering and rounding decimals, dividing numbers by 10 and 100
• Money- counting different amounts, comparing amounts of money, calculating changes and solving tricky word problems.
• Mass, volume and length- Measuring and converting mass, volume and area, measuring perimeter and solving tricky word problems.
• Area- finding and comparing area.
• Geometry- comparing and classifying angles, triangles and quadrilaterals, finding symmetrical lines, completing symmetrical figures and sorting shapes.
• Position and movement- describing position, plotting points and describing movements.

In the first half of the term, our topic will be the wonderfully titled ‘Power it up!’. The children will be learning about electrical circuits, changing circuits conducting experiments in order to work out how circuits can change

After half term, the children will be learning about food fair testing and scientific enquiry. . We will learn about making a hypothesis, how to plan a fair test and how we can display our findings. We will be linking this to report writing in English.

The main focus in our geography lesson will be on the Caribbean. We will be looking at different islands throughout this fascinating region studying the different geographical features of each island. The children will also compare the similarities and differences between the islands themselves as well as with that of the UK.

In computing, the children will continue to learn the basics of computer coding. We will be studying the early days of computing and learn how to represent data in different ways. The children will learn how to use binary numbers, use represent images with numbers, use sorting algorithms and begin to understand the importance of accuracy in programming languages.

In Year 4, the children will talk about different rainforest animals and talk about themselves including where they live, what they look like and what job they would like to do. As with every year, the children will take part in our French day on 14th July.

This term, our topic in RE is Christianity. The children will learn about the bible, Christian celebrations and rules as well as taking a visit to St Paul’s Cathedral to learn about Christian places of worship.

Art/Design and Technology
At the start of the term, the children created stop motion animations based on the book ‘The Journey’ that we studied last term. During this project, the children also sketched portraits and represented the colours of different flags on lollipop sticks. Later in the term, we will be having our art week as well as creating pieces for our annual eisteddfod.

Children will continue to learn singing skills and techniques in our weekly singing lessons. They will explore a range of contemporary and classical artists through listening to our artist of the week. The children will also have weekly music lessons with our new staff member, Tamer.

Swimming will continue from the second week back (24th April) and the times for each class remain unchanged. In our other PE slot, the children will be learning athletics skills. The children will learn how to improve their running, throwing and catching skills in weekly outdoor PE lessons.

The children will be learning about smoking and alcohol and the effects these have on the human body.

How parents can be involved in home learning:

It is extremely helpful if you can continue to monitor your child’s reading and ensure that he or she is reading on a daily basis. We will be sending home targeted maths and English homework and will ask children to continue learning their times tables and spellings. Home learning will be sent out on a Friday and will need to be in the following Wednesday.