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Year Five

What is my child learning this term?

Autumn 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to school. It is wonderful to see your children today. Everybody has had a great first day and an exciting autumn term is stretching out ahead of us. Here is the key information for this term to help you support your child.

Home Learning
Home Learning will go home on a Thursday and will need to be brought back to school for Monday morning when it will be marked by the teacher.
Your child will bring home a reading journal and an appropriately levelled book. They need to fill in their reading journal and bring it into school every day.

We will be visiting Deptford Creek and Southwark Cathedral this term – we are asking for contributions to the cost of these trips. Please see separate message re paying for these trips.

Topic – Borough and The River Thames
This term, Years Five and Six will base their learning on the geography topic ‘Borough and the River Thames’ – we will be studying the River Thames from all angles, understanding its physical history and its impact on human life over the centuries as well as looking at maps of the area. We will be taking a trip down Deptford Creek in October too.

In English we will begin by studying Kasper in the Glitter – a fantastic and fantastical text set in an imagined city. The children will be both re-telling and innovating the story. We will then move on to writing explanation texts about medieval pilgrimages using Chaucer’s Canterbury tales as inspiration, before finally creating our own ‘Old Kent Road Tales’. We will be taking a trip to Southwark Cathedral to learn about the pilgrims who walked to Canterbury.

This year, handwriting will be a major focus across the school. Children will be working from a new handwriting scheme to become fast, fluent writers.

We will continue to visit our lovely school library and will encourage children to read for pleasure as widely as possible. In Guided Reading, we will have a focus on using inference and deduction to explore subtext.

In maths, we will continue to tackle the challenging 2014 curriculum, using our brand new maths scheme Maths No Problem – this brilliant scheme is based on the Singapore Maths method and is exceptionally thorough.

In Science, initially we will be learning all about key aspects of the Water Cycle including evaporation and condensation, before moving on to learn about Forces including gravity and air resistance. We will be conducting experiments and investigations along the way!

The children will be dancing with Delene and having gymnastics with Ms Worley.

In addition to dance lessons on Wednesdays, your child will need to bring their PE kits on the following days according to which class they are in:

Micawber Class – Monday
Peggotty Class – Friday

In Computing the children will be learning about e-safety and cyberbullying (how to avoid it!) before moving on to design their own games.

Year 5 children will be learning places in town and telling the time and revisiting the directions and the weather.

Design Technology
The children will be designing and building bridges.

Our RE focus will be pilgrimages across all the major religions.