Terms and Conditions for Nursery


Children should not attend the nursery if they are suffering from sickness, diarrhoea, an infectious illness or have any unspecified rashes unless otherwise agreed with the nursery manager/school. Please refer to Health Protection Agency’s infectious diseases for exclusion periods. If your child is unable to attend the nursery due to illness, please telephone the school office as soon as possible. If illness occurs whilst a child is attending nursery, including a high temperature, the parent/carers will be telephoned to inform them and will be asked to collect as soon as possible. Where parents are not contactable an authorised person will be contacted. You must ensure that the school office is provided with up to date contact telephone numbers for parents/carers and other authorised persons. You must also provide the school office with the name and contact details of the child’s GP and you agree to the school contacting the child’s GP if the School considers this to be appropriate. In the event of an emergency, the child will be taken to hospital accompanied by a member of staff, who will act in loco parentis until the parent arrives. Children sent home from nursery with vomiting and diarrhoea should not be re-admitted for at least 48 hours.


Medication will only be given where prescribed by a doctor or dentist]. Where a child is required to receive regular medication whilst at nursery, full written details must be provided along with the medication, clearly marked with instructions (storage instructions, details on the frequency of taking medication and the amount of medication which should be taken) and the child’s full name. Children that have been prescribed with antibiotics must take them at home for the first 48 hours. Children taking medication may be allowed to return to the nursery in consultation with the nursery manager/school.

Allergies and Medication Conditions

Where your child has an allergy or medical condition, please speak to the nursery manager or the school office before your child starts the nursery to make sure that we can cater to their needs. Once your child has started nursery, you must keep office and nursery staff up to date with any changes to the allergy and/or conditions as soon as possible.

Fee Payments

Attendance fees are payable half termly in advance. The school must receive payment of these fees at least 1 week prior to the start of the half term to which the payment relates. All fees and payments payable to the school should be paid via ParentPay (parent/carers will be given login and password details once a child has been awarded a place) and/or childcare vouchers. The school may also accept payment of outstanding fees by way of or salary sacrifice provided that this has been agreed with the school in advance of the date that payment is otherwise due. .

Length of day and Collection of Children

Our operating hours are 9 am to 3.15pm for full-time children may not be left before or after this time unless you have booked wraparound care in advance. Wrap around care hours are 8.am to 5.30pm Where late collection does occur, you will be required to pay the nursery a Late Collection Fee of £12 every 10 minutes. For security and safety of your child, only authorised persons aged 18 years old and over are able to collect your child. We must be informed if there is going to be a different person collecting your child, who must provide ID and a password when arriving. Children will not be allowed to leave the nursery unaccompanied or with an unauthorised person.

Ending your Child’s place at the Nursery

A minimum of two months’ notice is required in writing to the nursery manager or the school office if you wish your child to stop using the nursery.

Notice of Termination by the School

We reserve the right to terminate a child’s place with immediate effect (a) if any attendance fees due remain unpaid and the school has not agreed to payment of those fees by salary sacrifice or otherwise; (b) any other payment or fee due to the school has not been paid within 30 days of the date that payment is due; © any serious breach of these terms and conditions has taken place; or (d) if the school reasonably considers termination of a child’s place to be necessary for the best interests of that child, any other child or the nursery. If the school terminates a child’s place it will not refund any part of any fee paid or payable at the date of termination.

Late payments

Interest of 8% per annum is payable in respect of any fee or payment due to the school. If you fail to make any payment by the due date we may commence court proceedings against you and may use a debt collection agency or other organisation to help us get payment from you.

No Refunds for Non-Attendance

We will not provide a refund of any fees paid or payable if your child is ill, on holiday, or if the nursery closes due to Acts of God or environmental factors beyond our reasonable control.


Fees are reviewed annually, with parents given eight weeks’ written notice of any changes. We reserve the right to change terms and conditions and we will provide you with two months’ written notice – where possible.

Wrap Around Care

We offer a breakfast club provision from 8 am and an extended day provision until 5.30pm. Both of these are offered within the nursery setting by existing nursery staff member. This is an option you can request on acceptance of a place or opt into during the school year. We do not operate a drop in service.