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What is my my child learning this term?

Autumn term 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to the Early Years at Charles Dickens Primary School. We hope you have had a lovely summer. It is very exciting to start a new term in our brand new spaces.

Things you need to know…

Home Learning
Each child in the Foundation Stage will be given a Home Learning Journal. These books are designed to celebrate your child’s experiences at home. The journals will be shared in class on a weekly basis so please make sure they are always in your child’s book bag.

Children in Reception will be given a homework sticker in their books that will provide parents with an idea of the learning that has been going on in the classroom and the types of things you might like to explore with your children. We also encourage you to stick in photos from family experiences or your child’s independent drawings etc.

It is really important that you read with your child every day. All children across the Early Years will receive a reading book and a yellow reading record. In Reception your child’s teacher will add comments to the yellow journal regarding your child’s progress and areas of reading that they need to focus on. Please also take a moment to add a comment of your own to let us know how it’s going. The children are also welcome to take home a book from the class library on a daily basis and we would encourage you to become members of your local library to enjoy as many books as possible with your child.

The children in Reception will be given a new reading book three times a week (starting in Week 3) which can be read together. We will be running information sessions for parents on how best to support their child’s reading progress throughout the term and you will receive more information on this shortly.

If your child is in Reception they must have their PE kit. This includes a white T-shirt, blue shorts/tracksuit bottoms and black plimsolls. PE days for Reception classes are as follows, and they will start the week commencing 18th September;

Gargery – Wednesday Morning
Little Dorrit – Friday Morning

Please ensure your child comes to school in their PE kit ready for their PE session first thing. They will then get changed into their school uniform after the session.
Please note, children in nursery and reception classes will be on the move, climbing, running and jumping throughout the day so wearing uniform and shoes that fit well is essential.

It is very important that all your child’s clothing is clearly named. Also please make sure your child brings in a spare change of clothes that can be kept in their bag. In Tiny Tim the children need two changes of clothes. The children have access to sand, water and paint as well as other activities that can get messy. They are encouraged to wear an apron for all these things, however accidents happen and therefore a change of clothes is needed. The children need to feel independent when putting on and taking off their shoes so ensure they have Velcro or buckles they can manage. Laces are not safe so we ask you do not buy shoes with laces when buying new shoes.

What we are learning about this term…

Our Colourful World
This term in the Foundation Stage we will be concentrating on helping the children get to know one another and their new space, including how to use and look after the resources. We will also be exploring what makes us unique, how different things make us feel and what parts of the world our families come from.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)
Our work in PSED this term will be focused around feelings, what it feels like to be in a new place, with new people and how we can identify these different feelings. As mentioned, we will be getting to know each other and our new space, and looking at how we can best look after all the resources and very importantly how we look after each other, to ensure that everyone has a safe and happy start to their life at school.

Physical Development
All the children in the foundation stage will have regular access to climbing and obstacle equipment, bikes, balls and other sports equipment across the term. The focus for both Nursery and Reception children will be movement and negotiating space independently and whilst using certain equipment. The children will also have access to daily construction and small-scale activities like threading and plasticine, designed to develop fine motor skills.

Lunchtime will also be a big focus for Reception, as the children will be in a new hall and playground at this time. In all classes we will be talking about what happens at lunchtime, what food is on offer and we’ll be helping the children understand the need to for a variety of food in order to keep a healthy body.

Communication and Language
Speaking and listening skills are key to a child’s progress at school. This term all the children will be given daily opportunities to listen to one another and share information about themselves and their experiences at home and at school. We will start by looking at all the wonderful family posters that the children have bought back into school, and sharing these in small groups. The children will also be given opportunities to listen and join in with a variety of stories, songs and rhymes.

In Reception, We will have Miss Lucile teaching us French every Thursday.

The Reception children will become immersed in phonics this term as they begin to learn each of the sounds and the skills required to blend these together to read and write simple words. At every opportunity they will be given the opportunity to practice writing these sounds throughout the day in a variety of contexts, for example in the role play area. In the nursery classes we will be engaging in lots of playful activities to help children hear and distinguish sounds. There will be lots of singing, rhyming, listening and rhythmic games for the children to enjoy.

The children across the Early Years will be asking lots of questions in mathematics this term – why are numbers important? What can they tell us? When is my birthday? How many letters are there in my name? How tall am I? How can I work out if I am growing? What are our favourite things in the class, and how can we record these? Just to name a few! We will be learning lots of number rhymes and songs, using props and be encouraging lots of counting in playful contexts.

Understanding of the World
In the Early Years, our understanding of the world comes firstly from talking about our families to get a sense of community. We will be looking at how we have changed and comparing ourselves now to how we were as babies. The children will also get to experience a range of different materials throughout the term, to develop their language for describing the world around them. We will also be spending a lot of time in the school garden and helping to look after the chickens. ICT also forms a large part of our learning and the children will be encouraged to use the class iPad to take pictures of their experiences in the classroom, and share these with their peers.

Expressive Arts and Design
Introducing role play will be a big focus this term, as the adults model how to use the role play areas effectively. The children will have access to role play areas, in all areas both inside and outside. When children engage in role-play we observe some of their higher-level language and thinking.

The children in Reception will also be creating portraits of ourselves, using a variety of different medium – crayon, oil pastels, pencil as well as clay, loose parts and collage. The children will have weekly art sessions with Mr Yusuf:

Gargery: Tuesdays
Little Dorrit: Wednesdays

Music will also form a large part of our days, as we begin to build a repertoire of new songs and rhymes, as well as explore different instruments and music from different cultures.

In Reception, all the children will have weekly music sessions with Mr Nathan on Thursdays.

How parents can be involved in home learning
There are many ways that parents can be involved in their child’s learning in Reception – listen to your child read daily; help with home learning; ensure your child wears full school uniform and has PE kit in school. Across all three classes: read stories together, offer any expert help relevant to the topics, send in materials we can use for junk modelling, share WOW moments that you observe with the class adults. Wow moments are when you see your child try or do something new which can be anything from laying the table independently to climbing to the top of a climbing frame or dancing in front of an audience to helping a younger sibling learn letter sounds.

As mentioned we will also be running workshops for Reception parents throughout the term to provide information on how to support your child’s progress in phonics and reading. More information on this will be provided shortly.

Thank you from the Early Years Team