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What is my my child learning this term?

Summer term 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

Firstly, welcome back! We hope you had a lovely break. Our topic this term is:

Under The Sea

Things you need to know this term…

Home Learning
Each week we put a sticker in the children’s home learning books with an activity for them to do at home. We have really enjoyed reading these on a weekly basis and wish for you to continue encouraging your child to complete the home learning independently. Home Learning books will be collected on a Thursday and returned with a new sticker on a Friday . If you need a new book, please do not hesitate to ask your class teacher. We look forward to seeing some more wonderful home learning during the Summer term!

The most important activity that parents can help with is making sure that you listen to your child read aloud every night. We will continue to change the children’s books three times a week, so please make sure your child puts their book bag in the box outside the classroom, daily. We will not change books unless the reading record has been completed. Your child will also now have received all the sound cards for the sounds that they are expected to know by the end of Reception (please let your class teacher know if they have not got them all). Please continue to look at these regularly with your child, flashing through them and making simple words with them. Also please don’t forget to practice the yellow high frequency words (which you keep all year) and the blue word boxes – we will change these up to three times a week but you must tick the list in the back of the reading record to indicate when you are finished with a list

PE will continue this term, so please make sure that your child has their full PE kit every week. This includes a white T-shirt, blue shorts/tracksuit bottoms and black plimsolls. This can be brought to school on Monday and left on your child’s peg throughout the week.
PE days for Reception classes will be on Wednesdays.

What we are learning about this term…

Under The Sea

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)
As always we will begin the term by recapping on the School Ethos and the expectations in the classroom. From there, our work in PSED this term will be focused around building the children’s confidence so they can share their ideas freely with their peers and amongst increasingly larger groups as well as develop collaborative, teamworking skills.

Physical Development
The children will continue to have regular access to climbing and obstacle equipment, bikes, balls and other sports equipment across the term – allowing them the time and space to experiment with different ways of moving and learning to show control over an object. We will also continue to provide lots of fine motor activities to encourage the children to develop the strength in their fingers, required to form recognisable letters. The children will be encouraged to practice forming their letters daily.

The children will also continue to have designated PE sessions, as mentioned. This term will be focused on dance led by our wonderful dance specialist Deline who will be devising interpretive dance sequences inspired by our topic. We will also continue to engage in the programme Write Dance, which incorporates music and movement to support the gross motor skills needed for writing.

Communication and Language
Speaking and listening skills are key to a child’s progress at school. This term all the children will continue to be given daily opportunities to listen to one another and share information about themselves and their experiences at home and at school. They will also be given opportunities to listen and join in with a variety of stories, songs and rhymes.

We will be doing lots of exploring in the garden and sharing what we have discovered. Our role play areas in the classrooms have been transformed into ‘Under the sea investigation’ dens designed to encourage the children to find out more about the creatures that can be found in the sea.

The reading focus this term will be on information texts as a way of discovering more about the world under the sea. The children will be exposed to a range of high quality information texts, both in the classroom and on weekly visits to the school library. They will also be encouraged to apply their reading skills to text written in the outside area, instructions for planting plants for example.

This term in Phonics children will be consolidating Phase Three Letters and Sounds and moving onto Phase Four and Five. These phases offer a chance to recap sounds and to look at alternative spellings, for example the ‘ai’ sound in rain, compared to the ‘ay’ sound in say. .

We will be focusing on blending, segmenting and applying all these sounds in our writing. We will be enjoying writing for a variety of different purposes such as labeling sea creatures, recording facts about them, making our own non-fiction books and writing instructions on how to look after fish in fish tanks.

In Mathematics we will continue to develop our understanding of addition and subtraction and the strategies to solve such problems. We will also be learning about doubling, halving and sharing. The way we approach maths in the Early Years is to make sure that it is set within a context that is real! For example when we learn about subtraction we may do it in the context of a pet shop or a birthday party for example.

Understanding of the World
We will be spending a lot of time in the garden this term, planting seeds, weeding, digging and looking after our raised bed so we can contribute to the summer fair, raising funds for the school. There should also be enough vegetables for us to have a taste of our school grown produce. Each week we will be exploring different animals that live in the sea. We will also hopefully be looking after some tadpoles of our very own, watching and recording carefully what happens to them!

Expressive Arts and Design
The children will be engaged in an exciting creative project this term that will involve using lots of different materials to create their very own under the sea habitat. For this each child will need to bring in a shoe box from home, please bring this in as soon as possible. We will continue to have weekly art sessions with Mr. Yusuf, where we will be exploring printing techniques using natural materials from the garden. Also our music sessions with Hannah shall continue every Wednesday with a strong focus on song and exploring the sounds and rhythms of percussion.

Enrichment Opportunities

This term each of the classes will also be going on a trip outside of school. We will be travelling to the Horniman museum where there is a lovely aquarium at young children’s height so everybody will be able to get up close to some of the creatures we learned about. More information regarding dates etc. will be sent out shortly. School trips are not possible without the support of parent/carer helpers, so if you are able to help out please let us know.

How parents can be involved in home learning

Parent involvement is crucial to your child’s time in the Foundation Stage. There are a number of ways you can support your child’s learning:

Listen to your child read daily; read to them a variety of high quality books; encourage them to add pictures and photographs to their home learning journal and scribe what they say about these; ensure your child wears full school uniform and has PE kit in school; offer any expert help relevant to the topics; send in materials we can use for junk modelling and share WOW moments that you have with your child with their class teacher.
Please also keep an eye on your e-mail for letters home which will keep you up to date on any changes, special events and trips that will take place during the term. We look forward to another successful term in Reception!

Dates for the diary:

  • Gargery class assembly 23rd of May
  • Reception trip to Horniman 24th of May
  • Little Dorrit class assembly 20th of June

Thank you from the Reception Team.