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Nursery Curriculum

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

In Nursery, the children will be reading books as inspiration to begin discussions around the things that make us feel emotions, and how to deal with these feelings. The children will also be encouraged to discover activities and skills that they are good at, and to share these with their peers.

Physical Development

The Nursery children will also have a continued fine motor focus with daily finger gym activities incorporating a variety of different resources. The children will also be playing a variety of collaborative games incorporating the skills of throwing, catching and rolling.

Communication and Language

The children in Nursery will be challenged to work in teams in various situations, listening to others ideas, sharing their own ideas and maintaining attention and concentration on particular tasks.
Across the foundation stage there will be a focus on science activities in the afternoons, providing opportunities for children to make predictions, describe what they have observed and give explanations for these observations.


In Nursery, the children will also be exploring the world of non-fiction texts and using these to support solving daily tasks, whilst also having regular opportunities to read and listen to a variety of high quality stories, poems, rhymes and songs. They will continue to write their names on a daily basis and use these to support turn taking and small group work. There will be continuous provision aimed at providing opportunities for the children to make marks and write independently in a variety of contexts


The children in Nursery will be consolidating skills in using numbers to ten, with daily counting and ordering activities.

Understanding of the World

The children in Nursery will talk about the things that they have observed and discovered, ultimately learning to show care and concern for living things and the environment. They will be looking after chicks in the first few weeks, observing the eggs carefully as they hatch into chicks and then making sure the chicks are safe and happy in their early days.

Expressive Arts and Design

In Nursery the children will have daily access to a Creation Station and be encouraged to create representations of the experiences. The will explore media, such as clay, collage and junk modelling to name a few.

Along with daily opportunities for singing in all classes, we will continue to come together for weekly singing assembly, where we will work on choral singing, singing in rounds and learning rhythmic songs.

Enrichment Opportunities

Throughout the term we will be inviting members of the community to come and share their expertise.

Class Blogs

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the class blogs. We would love to see more comments on the blog! The children love it when we read comments out in class that they have written, so please keep commenting!


How parents can be involved in home learning

  • Listen to your child read daily;
  • Ensure your child wears full school uniform ;
  • Send in any items related to transport that you feel would be of interest to the class;
  • Offer any expert help relevant to the topics;
  • Send in materials we can use for junk modelling;
  • Comment and contribute to the class blog.

Many thanks

Nursery Team