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What is my my child learning this term?

Summer term 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

Firstly, welcome back to Trotwood class. We hope you have had a lovely break and are excited to be back exploring our new topic:

Mini beasts and creepy crawlies

Thank you for your continued support in helping your child along their learning journey and being very understanding and adaptable to all the physical changes the nursery has undergone.

Things you need to know this term…


Please continue to comment on your child’s progress and enjoyment. Some may be getting excited about pointing out the odd word and letter sound which is to be encouraged but remember to keep the emphasis on understanding the content of the story and having fun. Discuss the story after and see if your child recalls it. Perhaps you could suggest they invent another ending.


It is essential all clothing is clearly labeled. Please make sure your child brings in a spare change of clothes that can be kept in their tray. It is important your child can put on and take off their shoes independently. Velcro fastenings seem to be the easiest. Laces are not safe at this age, not until they can lace their own shoes.

What we are learning about this term…

Mini beasts and creepy crawlies

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

This term in the nursery we will be encouraging the children to speak about what they already know about mini beasts and what they would like to find out. Together we will decide where we want this topic to take us. There will be many opportunities to work collaboratively and share ideas during our group times, focussed activities and freeflow time.

Physical Development

The children will continue to have regular access to climbing and obstacle equipment, bikes, balls and other sports equipment across the term – allowing them the time and space to

experiment with different ways of moving and learning to show control over an object. We will also continue to provide lots of fine motor activities to encourage the children to develop the strength in their fingers, required to form recognisable letters.

Communication and Language

The children will have the opportunity to act out different situations, sing songs and chat in a variety of role play scenarios. We will also be learning lots of vocabulary related to our topic such as types of mini beasts and the different habitats they live in. We will be encouraging the children to answer how and why questions In all situations including investigating mini beasts in the eco garden.


The reading focus this term will be on information texts as a way of discovering more about the world of bugs. The children will be exposed to a range of high quality information texts. They will also be encouraged to apply their phonic knowledge to write simple labels for our displays and for their works of art.

This term in Phonics children will be consolidating their knowledge of letters and their sounds and progress to blending simple CVC words such as cat and mat. Each week we will talk about different letters and their equivalent sounds drawing attention to words and objects that start with the same sound. We will continue to play rhyme and rhythm games and use a mixture of story telling and reading books. We will be encouraging children to label all their creations with their name.


The way we approach maths in the Early Years is to make sure that it is set within a context that is real! For example when we learn about subtraction we may do it in the context of a cake shop or a birthday party for example. Calculation group times will continue so the children have the opportunity to estimate, compare and count a variety of different objects either alone or with a friend. We will have a go at making bugs using different shapes. Rhymes will also have a mathematical focus often looking at adding on or taking away.

Understanding of the World

We will be spending a lot of time in the garden this term, planting seeds, weeding, digging and looking after our raised bed so we can contribute to the summer fair, raising funds for

the school. There should also be enough vegetables for us to have a taste of our school grown produce. Each week we will be exploring different creatures that live in or near the soil. We will also hopefully be looking after some caterpillars of our very own if the cabbage white returns to our garden this year.

Expressive Arts and Design

Music with Hannah shall continue every Wednesday morning.

The children will have the chance to make huge habitats using paint and collage and then add their creature crafts to these as and when they produce them. They will also have the opportunity to model clay and salt dough to make mini sculptures.

How parents can be involved in home learning

Parent involvement is crucial to your child’s time in the Foundation Stage. There are a number of ways you can support your child’s learning:

Share plenty of books together. Offer any expert help relevant to the topics; send in materials we can use for junk modelling and share WOW moments that you have with your child with their class teacher.

Please also keep an eye on your e-mail for letters home which will keep you up to date on any changes or special events.

Stay and play

Please feel free to stay on Wednesday or Friday mornings to see how our morning session unfolds, get a chance to engage with the children and perhaps pick up some ideas to replicate at home.

Thank you from the Nursery Team.