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Links With Other Schools

We encourage all our pupils to take part in projects which involve communicating with and working alongside children from other schools, both locally, within the country and world wide.

The UK – Our Gloucestershire Friends

When our Year 6 pupils spend a wonderful week at Wick Court Farm in Gloucestershire they take time off from looking after the animals to visit our friends at Eastington Primary School. Throughout the year pupils write to their pen pals at Eastington and look forward to their visit to us in London! Together we collaborate on a renge of projects.

Europe – Our Parisian Friends

Our pupils have been improving their French by writing and visiting our friends in Paris! Each year a group of Year 5s get up very early in the morning to catch the Eurostar and spend the first day seeing the sights of Paris and the second day at Charles Primary School meeting their pen pals and doing lots of enjoyable activities! The fun continues in London when our friends spend the day at Charles Dickens.

Worldwide – Our Malawian Friends

Iponga Primary School in the Karonga District of Malawi has given the pupils of our school an amazing opportunity to learn first-hand about the lives of children in that beautiful country. Our children exchange letters with their pen pals and have found out a good deal about the successful bio-diversity garden that Iponga school maintains. We were fortunate to be able to host two teachers from Iponga School at Charles Dickens, and we hope to continue developing this partnership.