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At every turn we encourage our pupils to look beyond themselves and our school. We believe we’re an integral part of our local community and are keen to share our resources, time and skills with other schools and organisations.

For our pupils, this can mean running businesses as part of our enterprise scheme alongside both local and national firms. It can also mean making links and friendships with children who live in other parts of the country and the world. Our pupils regularly hold fundraising events to support good causes.

For all our children, we seek to develop and maintain relationships with a range of secondary schools to ensure pupils and parents can make an informed decision about secondary education.

Our teachers and leaders work alongside other schools to share our experiences and skills in raising attainment. These partnerships also ensure that we constantly reflect and improve our own provision.

We support professionals and graduates looking to join the teaching profession, by offering quality work experience and we forge productive links with businesses looking to develop their corporate responsibility programme. We reach out to a wide range of organisations including museums, theatres, galleries and universities so that we can offer our children enriching and exciting opportunities that they will never forget.